We are a non-political group of citizens who believe our rights are being violated by the Coronavirus “Shelter In” Process. We want to go back to work in order to support our lives and the lives of our families.

For example, since March 4th we have had 1,229 Coronavirus deaths, in 49 days, in California. That averages out to 25 deaths per day.

California has over 600 people that die EACH DAY from everything under the sun.

That’s right, only 0.003% of the California population has died from Coronavirus and we have shut our economy down. That’s right, 39,850,000 people in CA and 1,229 people have died in 49 days.

We think it’s time to get back to work California, for those who do not fall into the High Risk category.  It’s my body and should be my choice to work.  All work is essential and Shelter In should be a choice that every American Citizen should make on their own.

If you would like to be a part of our group getting people back to work, please fill out the Form Fill below so we can contact you about peaceful demonstrations, how you can support the cause and eventually assign local chapters throughout the country.  Thank you!


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